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Ausstellung in Braunschweig: New Belarus Art – Hostages

5. September, 2021 / 8:00 17:00 Europe/Braunschweig

New Belarus Art is planning to show its exhibition „Hostages“ in the St.Martini Church in Braunschweig in September 2021.

A hostage is a person who is held by force in order to compel someone to perform certain acts. The practice of hostage-taking has been widespread since ancient times, where hostages held by relatives of the rulers of certain territories were a guarantee of their loyalty to the rulers of other territories who held them hostage. There are also known cases of „horizontal“ hostage-taking, where the parties exchanged hostages as a guarantee for the fulfilment of obligations. In wars, hostages were often taken to put additional pressure on the enemy or to serve as human shields.

Nowadays, international agreements (Geneva Convention, UN Convention against the Taking of Hostages) and national laws of various countries prohibit the taking of hostages and make it a serious crime. However, the practice of hostage-taking is still widespread in terrorist actions and is sometimes used by states to put pressure on each other or on political opponents in their own countries.

The violation of human rights has now reached a new level of escalation and many feel like helpless hostages, which is also reflected in the theme of the exhibition. Art tells of the consequences of state terrorism and is thus deeply political. It mobilises, informs, entertains, frightens and convinces. An art exhibition is planned in the Martini Church in Braunschweig between 3rd and 5th September 2021. There will be video performances, digital works, minimalist graphics and expressive paintings depicting the horror of violence and society. Many artists wish to remain anonymous because the regime has shown with the hijacking of the plane that it will fight all approaches to oppositional thinking.

Art is an extremely important part of protest, it gives impulses for reflection and action. With art you can process more than just words. Not for nothing is there the saying: „A picture is worth a thousand words“. But it is not only the picture that touches us and makes us think, it is the overall impression of everything that is happening at that moment.

More information:

Braunschweig, St. Martini Kirche

An der Martinikirche 10
Braunschweig, Niedersachsen 38100 Deutschland
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