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Berlin: Expert Community and Civil Society in Belarus and in Exile

21. September, 2021 / 18:00 19:30 CEST

Expert Community and Civil Society in Belarus and in Exile | Hybrid event – online and offline

Pariser Platz 4A, 10117 Berlin

Partners: German-Russian Exchange,
Human Rights in Belarus, Belarusian Community in Germany RAZAM

Institute of political studies „Political Sphere“, College of Eastern Europe Wroclaw, Civic campaign „Honest People“, Centre for Belarusian Solidarity in WarsawThe 2020 presidential election gave rise to the longest and biggest political protests in the history of independent Belarus. These events deeply changed the Belarusian politics and society. Nevertheless, democratic demands of the Belarusians were brutally suppressed by the authorities: over 650 people were imprisoned, more than 40.000 were detained for short a term, while over 200 non-governmental organizations and independent media outlets were shut down.A huge migration wave that followed as a result of nationwide repressions is also unprecedented in its scale. Both individuals and representatives of civil society and expert circles massively seek for an escape in exile and have to quickly adjust to the new working and living realities.How have the Belarusian civil society and think tank sector transformed in one year? How does the current political situation in Belarus effect their working, funding and network possibilities? What restrictions do those who stayed in Belarus face? What are the challenges and chances of the new community in exile? And how can actors in Germany and other EU-states promote a much needed international research on Belarus?If you would like to attend the event live please register here: The 3G framework (tested, vaccinated, recovered) will be applied. The discussion will be held in English. Alternatively you can also watch it online at the Pilecki Institute’s Facebook profilePlease make sure you register as soon as possible for the event – due to the current Covid-rules we can guarantee only a limited number of participants offline, thank you!Programme18:00 Welcome – Mateusz Fałkowski, Deputy Director, Pilecki-Institut Berlin

18:05 Welcome&Chair – Olga Dryndova,
Coordinator “Network for Belarus”,
German-Russian Exchange, Berlin / Editor “Belarus-Analysen”, University of Bremen

18:10 Discussion with experts and civil society representatives from Belarus, among others:

Dr. Andrei Kazakevich, Director, Institute of political studies “Political Sphere”, Minsk
Kaciaryna Shmacina, Research Fellow, Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies (BISS)
Pavel Slunkin, Visiting Fellow, European Council on Foreign Relations / prior: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk
Representative, Belarusian Community RAZAM, Berlin
Representative, Centre of the Belarusian Solidarity, Warsaw

19:00 Q&A from the audience

19:30 End of event

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